AndroidSDKToolsException: Unable to merge android manifests

Hello, I’ve been troubled for several days and need help.
The Unity version is 2018.4.36f,and my project works on Android.
The targetSdkVersion(Target API Level) is 28, and I want to make it 30.
But now I can’t pull other apps on my project. I knew now I should put “queries” in my AndroidManifest.xml, however it can not works!

Here is the error:
[…\Temp\StagingArea\AndroidManifest-main.xml:7:5-52 Error:
Missing ‘package’ key attribute on element package at AndroidManifest-main.xml:7:5-52
[AndroidSDKToolsException: Unable to merge android manifests.
UnityEditor.Android.AndroidSDKTools.DetectErrorsAndWarnings (System.String logMessages, System.String errorMsg) (at <4f3679803e5749548e98bdc08a1ef4c4>:0)
UnityEditor.Android.AndroidSDKTools.RunCommandInternal (System.String javaExe, System.String sdkToolsDir, System.String sdkToolCommand, System.Int32 memoryMB, System.String workingdir, System.String errorMsg) (at <4f3679803e5749548e98bdc08a1ef4c4>:0)
UnityEditor.Android.AndroidSDKTools.RunCommand (System.String javaExe, System.String sdkToolsDir, System.String sdkToolCommand, System.String workingdir, System.String errorMsg, System.Int32 memoryMB) (at <4f3679803e5749548e98bdc08a1ef4c4>:0)
UnityEditor.Android.AndroidSDKTools.RunSDKToolWithReadLock (System.String command, System.String workingdir, System.String errorMsg) (at <4f3679803e5749548e98bdc08a1ef4c4>:0)
UnityEditor.Android.AndroidSDKTools.MergeManifests (UnityEditor.Android.AndroidJavaTools javaTools, System.String target, System.String mainManifest, System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] libraryManifests) (at <4f3679803e5749548e98bdc08a1ef4c4>:0)]

If I was using Unity Gradle then I know how to solve it, but I’m using Unity Internal now.
Please help me.