AndroidVideoMedia OpenExtractor error

Im trying to run a project exporting GVR video onto an android device. If I build and run from Unity, there are no issues and the VR video plays properly, but if I export it to an Android Studio project and run it from there , the video isnt played and only the sphere housing the video is shown.

Inspecting the logcat outputs on both cases (Direct build Vs. export and build from Studio), these are the errors that are showing:

11-01 20:07:50.308 31512-31540/ W/Unity: AndroidVideoMedia OpenExtractor: file is compressed, not supported
                                                                (Filename: ./PlatformDependent/AndroidPlayer/Modules/Video/Private/AndroidVideoMedia.cpp Line: 317) 11-01 20:07:50.308 31512-31540/ W/Unity: AndroidVideoMedia: Error opening extractor: -10004
                                                                (Filename: ./PlatformDependent/AndroidPlayer/Modules/Video/Private/AndroidVideoMedia.cpp Line: 444)

I have tried making the video using H264, VP8 and they both have the same issue, plays properly when built directly but not through export.

Are there any pointers on where to look/debug? I have looked at Unity - Scripting API: VideoPlayer (Section on Android notes), but not sure how I can figure out what is missing with not playing the video.



So I had the exact same problem, it used to work perfectly before and I made a clean project and couldnt reproduce it. We recently migrated to Gradle and had a custom gradle script, unchecking that made the video work again, not sure if it will work on your case, but it worked on ours. Now for some reason the video is playing really slowly and gets kinda frozen (not totally but at times), I’ll update the answer if I find the issue with the unstable framerate.

Sorry for the late response @emongev. It looks like you were right on the money. My Android Studio was set to use Gradle 3.3+ and so I edited the build.gradle that Unity exported to work with Android Studio. Been trying to check every single file to see whats wrong, but finally when I made Android Studio use Gradle 2.1.0 which is what Unity uses, it started to work just fine.
Bit late to respond , but nevertheless hope it helps someone who comes here again.



I also met with the same question, could you please explain it in detail