Angled Shot Projectile

Currently, when I start up the game, the projectile works fine:

var meteor1 = Instantiate(meteor1Prefab, GameObject.Find("meteorSpawnPoint").transform.position, transform.rotation);
yield WaitForSeconds(2);
/////Shoots Meteor 1////////

But if I turn my character any degrees other than his default, the projectile continues to shoot in the direction the default position shot. How can I get the projectile to shoot on its angle corresponding to the chars angle?

Note: He basically calls a projectile, and as he does his casting animation the projectile grows (in a diff script) and then after 2 seconds, it will shoot from in the air down to the ground.

It looks like your problem might be in your AddForce call. Regardless of how your object is rotated, the force will always be applied along the vector (0,-8000,4000). AddRelativeForce should solve that problem as it'll take the game object's rotation into account.

Take this with a grain of salt, I'm new to unity...

edit: found this, too: