Angry Birds dotted trajectory for the slingshot

Hello everybody . So i used this script for a game that i`m trying to make .!?highlight=slingshot

It works perfectly but i would like to change the range indicator (it`s a circle or hexagon to be exact) to a dotted trajectory line like in angry birds .

Thank you in advance .

Hello sylar93,

Here is the perfect solution of your problem , visit below link.

How to display projectile trajectory path in Unity 3D?


I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about with the hexagon, but it sounds like you just need some kind of LineRenderer with a dotted texture. Use some kind of loop to add points to the linerender with a parametric form of the projectile equation. You can add a texture that is half transparent to make a good dashed line.

Here’s what I through together real quick by manually setting some points on the line

using these settings:


Notice my texture is a circle followed by transparent space