Angular Drive Position Springs Behave Strange

Hello, i am trying to make my ragdoll character’s parts to follow an animated static character using Configurable Joint in order to make a physics responsive set of animations. Currently i am at the beginning and i am trying this operation just on an arm using Target Rotation and Springs of Angular Drives. I take the rotation of the animated character’s arm as quaternion and put it to cj.targetRotation at the Update() method. Problem starts at the springs, if i set any of the springs to any value other than 0 before i start the game or at the Start() function, arm dissapears and its position becomes NaN. But if i increase the spring value during run time, everything is fine regardless of my increasing speed and it rotates as i want it to be. Is this a bug or am i missing something?

Okay, so i think i kinda have the solution for this. At the start and before Update() fuction called if we have a spring value other than 0, it rotates to towards the Target Position. Problem starts here, at the first instances before Update() function is called, my Target Rotation is set to 0 in all dimensions. I am not very familiar with tha Quaternions but i think having them all 0 is causing Unity to understand it as Infinite or Undefined(Probably due to the nature of Quaternions). I set them all to 1 and it got fixed.