Ani.mate colors with hashtables in c#?

Hi, in my old js-script i use

Ani.Mate.To(mesh.renderer.sharedMaterial, 0.5, {"colorName": "_Color", "r": 0.2, "g": 0.2, "b": 0.2, "a": 1});

But after switching to c#, with hashtables it doesnt seem to work:

Hashtable props = new Hashtable();
                   props.Add("colorName", _Color);
                   props.Add("r", 0.2f);
                   props.Add("g", 0.2f);
                   props.Add("b", 0.2f);
                   props.Add("a", 1f);
                   props.Add("easing", typeof(Ani.Easing.Quadratic));
                   props.Add("direction", Ani.Easing.In);
                   Ani.Mate.To(mesh.renderer.sharedMaterial, 1f, props);

I get this error:

error CS0103: The name `_Color' does not exist in the current context

Does anybody know the correct syntax? Thanks for your time (and sorry for the doublepost in the forum, but i think Answer is the better place for that..)

I'm not sure what "Ani.Mate" is, but it doesn't seem to matter: it is just saying that the variable _Color is undefined. In your original example _Color was a string in quotes ("_Color"); presumably it still needs that.