Ani.Mate - Error: " Multiple AniMate instances.."


i just opened an old unity project in which ive got two scripts where each start an Ani.Mate tween. It works great until now but now i get some strange errors:

"InvalidCastException. Cannot cast from source type to destination type." "Exception: Ani.Mate Error: Multiple AniMate instances on AniMate and AniMate"

Ive no idea why it isnt working right now. Ive nothing changed in my code. Maybe someone does have an idea... Thanks for your time.


Without posting your code, I can't help your specific problem, but I can point out what's wrong.

Error 1: Somewhere in your code, you cast a variable from something to something else that isn't valid. An example of this would be:

`int number = (int)"Five";`

You cannot cast from a string to an integer, so that error would appear there.

Error 2: AniMate does not (apparently) let you have multiple instances of it running. Check your assets to make sure you didn't duplicate the AniMate script accidentally (Unity compiles all scripts in every folder in the Assets folder), and check to make sure you're using AniMate properly. Refer to the AniMate documentation for a more specific cause of this error.