Anima2D - Deform and stretched sprite mesh when rotating with bone

Good morning
I’m trying to get some animations with Anima2D with bones and sprite mesh.

My problem is that when I rotate a specific mesh that represents a wrist it is stretched and deformed.

I attach images to better make understand my problem.

This is when wrist mesh is not rotated

And following is rotated mesh, as you can see it’s deformed:

And also in image at following link wrist is shorten:
Image of shortened wrist

It seems child bone is shortened and stretched when rotating, but I can’t figure out why.


If wrist bone is not a child arm rotate without deforming problem, but obviously it has to be child of arm bone,

I just ran into this problem today. Did you found any solution for it?,Hi!
I just ran into this problem today. Did you found any sloution for it?

I had the same problem recently. Instead of using the transforms scale to change the bone size, use the Length parameter on the Bone 2D component.

Anima2D skewed sprite, use Bone 2D length, instead of Transform scale.

hey, did you find a solution to your problem?