Anima2D Spring Bones not flipping :-/,Anima2D bones won't flip!


First time posting to this forum. I’m very excited to see if anyone can help me.

I have a 2D character for a platformer I’m working on. I’ve animated him in Unity using Anima2D and now am adding some spring bones to give him some little details I hope to find very nice. The one I’m struggling with is making the brim of his hat flex as he jumps and lands.

My problem is… complicated. Everything works fine in the editor. Everything behaves exactly the way I expect. However when I Build, my spring bones don’t “flip” with the rest of my character like they do while I’m playing in the editor. The spring bones are all children of the player game object, and I flip the entire mess of objects by rotating the container object by (0,180,0). Previously I was getting this same bug in the editor, but managed to fix that by changing FROM a scaleX *= -1 method of flipping.

Here’s a link to a reddit post to show you what I mean

Again, this DOES NOT HAPPEN in the editor. Everything just works like I thought I set it up to!!!

Please, any help or insight you can provide would be incredibly appreciated

Oh god… I’m so sorry. I have no idea how to format reasonable spacing!