Animal Crossing type game

I have been using unity for a couple of weeks now and i pretty much understand the basics of it. Right now I´m playing Animal Crossing New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS and i was thinking it might be a good idea to sort of use some of the things from that game in a project to learn how it can be done in Unity and so on.

Now to my question: What kind of controller-setup is the best for this type of game? I want it to look like the older Animal Crossing game which look like this: Animal Crossing - GameCube Moments - YouTube

I have created a scene and set up a camera that replicate what im after pretty good but I dont really know what kind of controller setup to use? None of the two unity-controllers work because the 3rd-person controller mess up my camera setup and the fps-controller just dont seem right for this type of game.

Lets say i have a model that i want to move around like in the game in the video, how do I accomplish that?

Yea it will be difficult for you to accomplish that with the camera a child of the player, it should be independent. Otherwise, the camera will be turning with your player. Here try this…

  1. Bring in the 3rd person controller
  2. Remove the 3rd person camera script from the “3rd person controller” gameobject.
  3. Add my script to the main camera(Do not make child of “3rd person controller” gameobject)
  4. set the camera script’s target to the “3rd person controller” gameobject.
  5. Add a plane to walk on and you should be good to go.