Animate child object IsActive and other properties

I have a Recorded Animation Clip in my timeline to move the parent game object. I want to animate the IsActive property (and other properties such as Transform) along with parent game object’s timeline without having to click Add Property button (it’s very slow because there are many children in the hierarchy), but when in Record mode (press record button, it’s red), I can not add IsActive property of child object to animation by toggling the checkbox in the Inspector.
My timeline clip and animation window as follow:

I found it. When in Record mode, do the following:

  • Select child object
  • In the Inspector window, Right Click on which property you want to animate, select Add Key. This will add a key frame that control the value of the property you’ve just click.
  • Move timeline indicator, Add Key again where you want to change the value.

This applies to all child objects’ properties


It works only when the timeline animation you’re editing is of parent game object. If you want to control other’s child object from another game object, it doesn’t work. I’m still searching for solution.
For example, in the following image, I can add Key Frame of CanAddKeyWhenRecord if I’m recoding animation of Timeline object. If I add an animation track of OtherParent into Timeline and start recording, I’m not able to add key on OtherChild active state.