Animate GUI Elements

I’ve got a GUITexture on screen using this code:

GUI.DrawTexture (new Rect(Screen.width*0f/5f,Screen.height*0.4f/2f, Screen.width* 4f/5f, Screen.height*4f/5f), myObject);

On a button press, I want the texture to animate to the right and go off screen. Basically to go from position ‘Screen.width0f/5f’ to 'Screen.width5f/5f’ over 1 sec, for example.

I’ve seen some plugins that do this but I was wondering if there was a way to just code it; I know the logic just not the right wording for it.

Any Clues?

I know with the new UI system this is becoming obsolete but for anyone else struggling with Math.Lerp, I found a great link as well as the stuff above: