Animate GUIText to a target GUIText?

Many games shows animated points (score) added to main score i.e by going from one position (usually a clicked position) to score position which is placed somewhere on the screen.

In my game there are random asteroids. These asteroids are destroyed on fire and on destroyed I need to show points are added to main score by animating GUIText from the destroyed asteroid to main score placed at top right corner of the screen.

I have tried following C# script attached to GUIText prefab which is animated (moved) from destroyed asteroid to main score GUIText,

   void Start() {  
             scoreTF = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag ("ScoreTF").GetComponent<GUIText>();

   void FixedUpdate () {

            tarPos = new Vector2 (scoreTF.transform.position.x, scoreTF.transform.position.y);

            transform.Translate (Camera.main.WorldToViewportPoint(tarPos) * Time.deltaTime * 0.3f);

The GUIText prefab to which above script is attached is Instantiated in other script like so,

    Instantiate ( scoreGUITextToAnimate, new Vector2(0,0), transform.rotation);

All above scripts works partially fine. New GUIText is appeared correctly on a destroyed asteroid but do not animate towards Score placed at top right corner. They all go right side (diagonally) of the asteroid.

Can you guide me in a right direction.

I got it working using following code with the help of Vector3.Lerp and updating transform.position like so,

    void FixedUpdate () {

		Vector3 currentPosition = transform.position;

		transform.position = Vector3.Lerp( currentPosition, scoreTF.transform.position, 2 * Time.deltaTime );

		//Destroy GUIText after animation is complete