Animate material parameter possible in mixed reality?

Hello, I made a URP Lit shader, set to transparent and made an exposed “Opacity” float parameter. I can animate the parameter in Timeline and see the opacity changing in the Scene preview. But when I play in editor or back on device, noting happens. I also tried animating a simple material color change on a cube and I’m getting the same results. This works in the URP 3d Sample Scene but not the VisionOS template. Is there anything I can try or another way of approaching fading in and out objects?

PolySpatial (currently) doesn’t detect that the material has been modified when it’s targeted by an animation. The workaround is to explicitly set any property on that material so that the object is marked “dirty” (every frame that the animation is playing).

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ooh, thank you for the workaround idea! I’ll see if ChatGPT can help me figure out how to do this.

For anybody else, I got it to work by adjusting the exposed material parameter in code and then calling it on a timeline with a signal emitter.


Just wanted to flag this in the hopes of the team seeing this–it still seems that this doesn’t work. It’s at least easy to workaround but but it’d be nice to not need that.

Thanks for the reminder! This is definitely still on our radar to fix.

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