Animate multiple prefabs

I have a scene that is a forest. Unity trees doesn’t have their own animation/reaction to the wind, so, i was trying to make one so it became more realistic, but i have a problem.

I didn’t use the terrain tool to put the trees, i literally have put ONE tree, and then i copied and pasted it hundreds of times to fill the scene, so they are actually in the prefabs list.

Do you guys know a way to animate just one tree, in a way that all of the other trees become animated too? Like, animate one tree and then automatically, all other trees will have the same animation.

Also, can i change the brush of the grass/tree section of the map? When you select the option to paint the terrain, you can choose one of the brushes, is it possible in the grass/trees section ?

You can animate a prefab and apply it, and it will automatically apply to every other instance of that prefab in the scene. Thus you can animate on prefab and apply it and it will be animated in every other instance of they prefab.

You might also just want to use wind zones, I haven’t ever used them but they’re probably much more efficient.