Animate text to smoothly transition between alignments

I have this menu, and when you go into sub-menus the main menu buttons move left to make space for the sub-menu. I have animated them so that they will move left, and switch text alignment from center to right. The problem is this is very sudden and happens over a single frame. I can’t find a way to smoothly transition between text alignments. I’m using TextMeshPro. Any help?

DoTween will likely help you out for this DOTween - Documentation.
Check out the DoMoveX(Vector2) features on that link.

Also, it sounds like you may not have the length of your animation set correctly if it’s happening over a single frame. But, I would scrap using Unity’s Animation tool for simple movements like this and use DoTween instead.

Hey! Perhaps you can find a solution to your problem here. There are also useful materials here that will help you develop in the future.