animated alembic from Quill VR not playing on a .apk form UNITY

So I made a VR animation in Quill.
I exported it as an alembic file.
Imported it in Unity through an alembic import package.
Made a timeline and if I hit play I can see the animation playing and behaving as I would expect (I can also see it with my VR Quest 2 plugged into my Pc).
The problem is when I tried to export the .apk form Unity. I just cannot see that file at all.. all the other files that I made from Blender are working, but that alembic one from Quill is not there. Why?
Why does it work on unity, on my pc, but doesn't when I export it as an .apk and install it on my Quest 2?

I see the alembic package is only compatible with Windows, MacOS X, Linux and Stadia.
What a shame... where it will be compatible with android?