Animated Cartoon Detective from Arteria3d

Click for link to Video Preview:

Arteria3d have just launched the first in a huge line of animated cartoon characters. This character, a charmful Detective, inspired by 70's detective movies.
Model comes with a huge array of animations, and as this is the first in our cartoon range, a special price for all our customers


Product Page:

Steve! You are the MAN! :smile:

I am busy doing a life-sim game and needed something along the lines of a robber character. This character is PERFECT!!! ( a 70s cop show kind of way). The neckerchief does is for me! :smile: Thanks for this! :smile:

Now if only you could make a filthy rich guy in a suit to accompany him you would be my hero!!! :smile:

He looks AWESOME, good job!

MrDude - i can do that. If you have anything in particular pic wise send me an email across, otherwise ill use my imagination.


To further add to your first post, there are 40 animations in total and it is quite clear that you spent some time on these. They look great! At first I was a tad throw at the while "animations cannot be used on your own characters" bit but when I saw how much effort you put into it I can understand why.

Personally, though, I think the animations on their own would be worth $12 to use on your own models.
Hell, Mixamo would charge $15 for 1... I particularly liked the sneak animation... so adorable...

Really great job on this!

Thanks for all the nice comments.


Makes me wanna start a cartoon game right now! :smile: He's really cool, great style.

Chickenlord.. got lots more of these styled characters coming out.

Also im launching the new dungeon pack tomorrow, of which i used your shader pack on.. of which im very thankful for



Let me know also what other types of cartoon character would be of interest.

Lol... when you said 70s detective and I thought "robber" the first thought that came to mind was a bank robber with a ski mask. I envisioned huge, nervous white eyeballs, dark red lips and an Afro twice the size of his head... :smile:

The thing with a theme is that once you use one you need something in that same theme for EVERYTHING you intend to do... So basically, now that you've started you basically need to create an entire world now...

You can never go wrong with a jogger in yellow and orange jump suit, women in bathing suits and leg warmers for the inevitable dance/yoga classes, fat guy with suspenders and receding hairline, the bald business guy, the pimple faced nerd with the curly red locks, the bespectacled girl with long yellow pigtails, the girls in shorts and roler skates, the dudes in the Grease style black pants and blazers, not forgetting normal average sally housewife with her ankle length blue polka dot dress and white apron...

Dude, you picked an era with lots of very visible reference material for you to use so you should have no end of inspiration for the never-ending supply of characters you can produce for it...

Good luck