Animated characters does not stay upright with collider


I did this "Roll a ball " tutorial for beginners ( and that worked fine.

I would like to replace the ball with something more interesting like an animated character. I can make the animation work so far.
If I dont add a collider I get this classic problem that it falls through the floor / plane. On the other hand if I add a collider then yes it stays, but I cannot control it probably.

If I create a box collider it might bounce a bit and it just stick there I cannot control it with the controller script from the tutorial (yes I did modify names) and it seems to work otherwise (I have a Rigidbody and if I uncheck “Use Gravity” controls works, but then I go through everything, except floor, hmm?).

If I add some of the other colliders like the Capsule and adjust it to fit, it does move around but the character is also rolling around itself, same if I use the mesh collider, convex and inflated check and add figure to mesh.
So yes they do the job of not falling through the floor and I can collide with objects, but the character does not stay upright.

The “character” have a tail, lol, if that makes a difference.

“Freeze Rotation” on the Rigidbody should do what you want.