Animated distortion of vertices

Hi - I have created a quad mesh on which I have a texture of a flame. I want that flame to appear as if it is flickering to the left and right. I was assuming I might either be able to make a shader that accomplishes this, or animate the vertices. Does anyone know what the best way to do this is?

I completely understand 100%. I do stuffs just like dat.

IF YOU USED MESH it would work more if it was a rather large mesh, you’d need a lot of control. Imagine say 50 tris across and 50 tris down.

Maybe that’s too extreme, perhaps 10 across and 20 down.

If you wanna do it that way, for sure, go for it.

As I have said you could possibly get and use “MegaFiers” from the asset store for this. Did you try it ?

I am not a shader programmer, but I guess it could be done in the shader. (As can any general programming task.)

We have done this in the past as a general sort of programming puzzle, thus, making the PNG on the fly. (Just like in photoshop when you distort an image by moving around a grid of dots.) So that’s just a matter of a lot of code to build a png.

Don’t forget too you could possibly do it with a skinned mesh model.

On that, I also urge you to get “SmoothMoves” from the asset store – it is an amazing thing that is indeed for exactly the sort of thing you say.

I have now mentioned all the possible ways to do it ! Heh! Enjoy