animated model, maya

When I export the animated character with the fbx export settings checked: animation group> animation Bake animations Deformed Models Skins

When in Unity, the model is not visible in the scene and game windows.

When I export with the settings without Deformed Models and Skins checked, I can see the model in the Scene and game windows, but the mesh is unbinded from the bones.

When the maya file is placed in the assets folder and the fbx made within Unity, I have the same problem of not being able to see the model in the scene. there are no IK's or blend shapes.

I'm quite sure I've posted the answer for that (terrible!) issue in the unity forums, just not here yet so here it goes:

Sometimes, especially after import from another application like Motionbuilder, Maya will automatically set a flag for the child joints called 'Segment Scale Compensate'. You have to disable this attribute in every joint prior to export from Maya (you can find it in the attribute editor). It exports properly to FBX but Unity can't understand that setting, in practice scaling every joint down to zero after import. To make this tedious process easier I've made this tiny MEL script, paste it in the script editor and middle-mouse drag it to a shelf, what will create a handy button. Please notice the script is very simple with no error-handling, it will stop running if you by accident select anything other than a joint (pretty common if you have props amidst the bone chain).

string $selection[] = `ls -sl`;
for ($object in $selection) { setAttr ($object + ".segmentScaleCompensate") 0;};

Just in case, if you have any problem with the scaling of objects (which can also ruin your animation inside unity), remember to set, in Maya preferences, Units to 'Meters'. Then in the FBX export settings set it to 'Centimeters' instead of the default. Might sound weird but works beautifully, no extra setting needed in Unity :) Good luck!