animated object

I dit an animated object in C4D that start a 0,0,0 and finish at 0,2,0. The object just level up in a loop animation. But when I place it on my platform in my scene, when I start the game I didn’t see the object. He is at 0,0,0 but I placed it at 0,169,0.

Simply utilize the “Move” tool (indicated by the four, intersecting arrows) to place your object where you wish it to be.

I did it haha. But when I click on play he disapear.

Nobody has an answer for me ?

I am sure that you haven’t attach it to a parent gameObject, So,Attach your gameObject with the animation to an Empty GameObject, and set the empty gameObject’s position to 0,0,0. i.e, your gameObject with the animation should have a parent whose position is 0,0,0.