Animated physics causes model to go slowly through

Hi everyone,

I do have an next problem with my game, I have an fully rigged enemy model, it has few animations, walk, run, etc. I’ve made it to an ragdoll, every bone as it should be placed. Now my problem is that if I turn on: Animated Physics my ragdoll starts slowly go through terrain. If I take it off, it works fine. If I add an box collider to it and turn animated physics back on, ragdoll starts to bug as it thinks it keeps hitting that box collider all the time.

I wonder how to fix this?

I’m no expert but did you try using a mesh collider?
I’m having a similar problem, so I’m hoping others will chime in too.
Something that helped for me was to add a collider to the armature, i.e. rig bone structure. You seem to have to do this to the model added to the scene, but then you can save it as a prefab.