Animated pose, to ragdoll, to dead pose seamlessly

Generally speaking how hard is this to do and how do I achieve it in Unity, do you know of a good walkthrough/ tutorial of the process?

Starting with however the character may be posed at its moment of death, seamlessly replace it with a ragdoll which tumbles and flails under PhysX control, and then comes to rest in one of a random set of possible static corpse poses.

I haven’t played with the built-in ragdoll stuff at all yet, and indeed have done little with the Animation component at all (animations in current game done with InvokeRepeating and Lerp) and I have non-biped (as in, giant bugs) characters I was planning to do this with.

I’ve done something like this. This is what I did:

  1. Make a ragdoll.
  2. Make all of the rigidbodys kinamatic = true (I did it with script).
  3. When character is hit change all rigidbodys of it to kinamatic = false (This will make him drop like a normal ragdoll).
  4. This is the only part I’m not sure about because i didn’t try. Either make all rigidbodys kinamatic = true again after a few seconds or try removing all of the rigidbodys from the character after a few seconds.