Animated Samurai - universal warrior

In Asset Sore: Animated Samurai | Characters | Unity Asset Store

Animated Samurai - universal warrior will come soon:

Samurai model only has 1,031 polygons 1,854 triangles and 962 vertexes.
With 2 bows, 7 arrows, 2 katans, spear, suriken and axe - 1,652 polygons, 3,016 triangles and 1,583 vertexes

38 animations.

Hope you will like it. :slight_smile:

Nice....Is this free ? :)

I like it. And I don’t think so it’s free :slight_smile:

Thank you guys.

It will be almost free. $35. :slight_smile:

Your model is awesome as always, mr_Necturus :slight_smile:

Thank you Alienchild!
I like your new icon. :)

Looks fantastic. I really liked your wizard so will defiinitely consider finding a place for this in my game.

Thank you Rajmahal. :)
I already uploaded it in to Asset Story staff review and waiting for approval.

Awesome as usual :slight_smile: For once, I don’t actually know if I can use this, but will probably buy it anyway as support for what I consider to be one of the best character modellers in these forums :slight_smile:

Great job :slight_smile:



Good looking models. Still waiting for you to do an elf, orc, troll, and goblin :smile:

Thank you guys. :slight_smile:
Your comments gives me motivation to create all this. You know I have no much time for external work now, but I promise to continue anyway.

brown2na, I have one goblin character already here: Animated Goblin Warrior | Characters | Unity Asset Store

And it will be 2 more variations of this race later: goblin shaman and goblin king.

you are welcome!

Here it is in Asset Sore: