Animated UI Image Sequence

I have tried importing in an image sequence to use as an animation for a screen just behind my main GUI, it seems like I can do it frame by painful frame and call to that animation with a button or code but is there an easier way to get my animations frames into an animated image sequence on a single UI image?

I assume your image sequence is a sprite sheet (lets say, 3x2, 6 frames), and I did used a script to change them in sequence before. However if you don’t want to do it by animation or code…well maybe you can use a particle system (sorry that’s all I can think of :frowning: ).

I know this is not a really good way to do it, but just for some ideas…

  1. set your image to be a 2d sprite
  2. create a material and use it as texture
  3. use that material in a particle system
  4. enable Texture Sheet Animation, set suitable x and y (3, 2 for examples) and the frame over time by the graph
  5. choose suitable start size, life time and duration, set the speed to 0
  6. disable the shape…

Well it should be doing what you want to do, just it is a particle system lol loop it if you want