Animated vehicle interior in Blender

Hello everyone! First of all, I apologise for asking this question as I’m sure it has already been answered 50k times, but I can’t, for the life of me, seem to find a proper answer.

I would like to model a vehicle in Blender, which is all fine and dandy, but how can I make the interior (and doors, for that matter) be animated? For example, I would like the steering wheel to turn as you turn the vehicle, the doors swing open or closed and even the dials on the dash move as you speed up or slow down.

How should I do this? Any answers are greatly appreciated!


If Blender allows you to create animations and export them along with your model that would be one way to go. Unfortunatly i know nothing about Blender but i bet you will find all the help you need on Blender community forums.

A second way to go is to create your car with Blender and making sure the objects you want to move are stored (child) in an empty object. Like for the steering wheel, you’d put the wheel, the column and everything in it. Make sure to place the pivot at the good place for this object. Then, in Unity, with the Animation window you can animate your object and with an ANimator, you can play the animations whenever you like :