Animating a model

Hi, how do i make a person model made in another program and imported into unity able to do animations? I noticed in the Lerpz tutorial that the lerpz you use to play with is split into many sub categories, while the original mesh lerpz was just one him sticking his arms out. Am i able to just animate the original person mesh? Are there any video tutorials? (Those are the easiest for me to learn from) Thank you!

You can animate it in unity with the Animation View or you can import animations made in another program. Like it says in the second link, once the animations are built and in your Unity scene, you can control them through the scripting interface using the Animation class.

Model your character in whatever software package and make note of the animation frames. In Unity right click on the model you imported and select import settings. In the animation section at the end enter your animation names and frames.

Alternatively you can save your animations as a separate file with the naming convention "modelname@animationname" but I prefer the frames method myself.