Animating character with blender

I’m trying to animate my own character with the “Idle”, “Walk”, “Run” and “Attack” animation.
So the question is: How do i animate my character in blender so that the animations shows up in unity on my character object?
I know that the object type would have to be FBX.

Please be very descriptive, I’m new at blender.



In blender: Make the run animation. Take a note with notepad or whatever, as to which frame you begin and end with. Such as: Run Animation Frame 0-30. Now move five frames. Make your next animation and repeat. Such as: Idle Animation Frame 35-65. Export your FBX and make sure your animation is included.

In Unity: Import your FBX of your character. Under the inspector in project view, you’ll see where you can split up your animation by name. It will then split up your animations for you to use in the game. Then you take a look at the Unity Documentation listed above on how to call those animations programmatically.

You are asking for a long answer and you will have to find out alot on yourself to accomplish this task.
I have never used Blender but i know the process from softimage, hopefully this will help:

  1. You will need to build an export-ready rig. (export-ready for unity means no constrains, no IK, no expressions whatsoever). Usually you can plot a rig or use a shadow rig to adress this problem. (If there is no BiPed to handle that problem internally)
  2. Don’t try the thing with your character, try it with a simple cylinder and a chain of two bones. Once you mastered that go ahead and try to export an IK chain. If you can get that to work then go ahead with your character…
  3. Animate your character on the main timeline. (eg: idle: frame 10 - 20, walk: frame 30 - 48 etc). Split the animations in the Unity Importer settings. You can have both the model/rig data as well as the animations in one fbx file. The unity documents have good description of that process.

Maybe you fill find more useful answers in a blender forum discussing character animation for game export.

The usual way. Pretty much any “game” animation you make will export into Unity. There may be some problems getting the export to work, but you won’t have to scrap it and redo it “the Unity way.”

Don’t even worry about FBX. Just make the animation. You will eventually be selecting FBX when it comes time to export. But, again, it will never say “Oh, you wanted FBX? You’ll have to redo it.”

By “game” animation, there are some fancy features that are mostly for movies, that won’t work, or work horribly in games. But, the simplest animation to learn is “FK”, which Unity likes. If you follow an animation guide, it will show you only FK (swinging arms and legs through angles.)

If you see stuff about IK, you can still use it, but: it will be harder for you to learn, and won’t work quite as well in Unity. If you see things like “make the head always look at the dog,” that can’t be exported at all. But, that will almost always be in the Advanced section, anyway.

I know how to use amature bones and make a great animation but the problem is to make clips with the animation i made on it.

lets say i’m using my character and i’m making a “Run” animation with amature bones and it looks great and is done, so now i’m at exporting.
Then once its in the timeline how do i then say to blender “This is the run animation”
and “Now you should call this clip for “Run”.”?

Because my run animation is finished so what tool should i use to call the clip “Run”?