Animating Characters inside unity3d

Hello there,

I’m relatively new in the unity3d world and i’m trying to learn if is possible to a character model with bones be animated inside unity3d, i’ve seen people on youtube doing this, just importing the models and they use some kind of parkout animations that unity3d got. I was wondering how can i do this with my character models. Thank you very much.

If you’re using a humanoid model, the easiest way to do this is through the mecanim animator system, which allows you to use retargettable animations (i.e. re-use the same animation between different models, so long as they share the same underlying rig) controlled via a simple state machine (i.e. if forward speed = 0 then show idle animation, if forward speed between 0 - 0.5, walk, if forward speed > 0.5 run).

Here’s a great video introduction to mecanim:

You can download the associated project files from