Animating from texture to texture

Hey guys! I had hard time figuring out the title… I think a vid will be easier to understand than my text. Basically what I want to do is change textures (and some other things) when a key is pressed. Changing texture is a cake but what I want is harder.

Quantum Conundrum Demo Vid

I kinda don’t know which way to go, so I would really appreciate help :).

– David

Looked like an textured threshold wipe to me. One way to do that, you need to use a shader (just during the transition) that takes 3 textures: A, B, and a greyscale texture with a smooth ramp from black to white, plus a threshold control choosing whether to use the sample from A or B (if ramp is less than threshold, use A, else use B). Animate the threshold from 0 to 1, then switch the material back to a simple shader just using texture B.

The shader itself is pretty trivial to write if you just base it on one of the existing shaders, which will depend on your actual case. You might, for example, only change between two base (RGBA) images, or you might also need to swap normal maps, or whatever.