Animating multiple 2D box colliders

Hi guys,

I’m having a lot of fun with the new unity 4.3 update and I thought it’d be a fun project to try to recreate some of Street Fighter 2!

I have a decent understanding of fighting games as they usually use hit boxes for accurate hit detection.

like so…
alt text

Now my issue is animating these hit boxes between animations. For example if the player crouch I’d want these hit boxes to be redraw smaller or whatever.

Now this appears to be more than possible from within the animation tool

alt text

The issue now is that once this curve is added I can only animate the single collider

alt text

The red indicates the values I can animate but only one of the colliders has the red! No matter how I add them or whatever it only ever applies the animation to the first collider.

Now I could do this through code but the animator allowed me to easily change the box colliders dimensions or quantity in time with the actual sprite key frames so it was quite a good solution.

Anyway my question is really if it’s possible to animate multiple box colliders, if so I am just not clicking the right thing? Or is it a bug in unity perhaps? 4.3 is pretty new… But I think it’s a lot more likely I’m missing something lol

Thanks in advance!

I’ve found a solution of sorts but not as elegant as I’d like.

If I split the colliders into separate game objects nested within the main sprite object, the animator lets me target them all individually.