Animating player without regards to world space.

Silly, stupid question here.

I’ve successfully animated gameobjects for weeks now, so this one has me stumped. Decided to animate a “I got hit” animation on my first person player for when he’s attacked. Essentially, all it is is the capsule wobbles a couple of times before righting itself. But upon playtest, an entirely unexpected thing happened: The player didn’t stay in place and wobble, rather, they immediately are teleported to where I made the animation. I’m feeling kind of dumb, as that seems like I must have missed something stupid simple. It sorta makes sense why that happened, but then again, I’ve made animations in entirely different scenes and brought them over without issue. Sorry for the noob question. As always, any help is appreciated. God bless.

To avoid my own embarrassment I considered just deleting this, but as a learning experience for anyone who has the same problem in the future: Simply delete the position curves, or don’t set them up in the first place. :slight_smile: