Animating root rotation problem on kinematic rigidbody

I have an animation clip “Stand Half Turn Left” from Unity’s Sample Assets which rotates a model around by 180 degrees. This clip is used on kinematic Rigidbody character. Apply Root Motion is enabled. Clip’s rotation baking is disabled.

However, instead of 180 degrees rotation, my character rotates by no more than 10 degrees. If I remove Rigidbody component, everything works as expected.

I suspect that there is some conflict between physics and animation systems, but my rigidbody is kinematic and didn’t find any mentions about possible problems with such a configuration in the Docs.

Found the problem. Wrong rotation was caused by the fact that collider and rigidbody were attached to the empty parent GameObject instead of the model object itself. Animator is also on the parent. Moving collider and rigidbody to the model object solved the issue.