Animating UI Elements And more Questions

I need help with some things, I’ll go straight to the point:

  1. How to make custom particle images? For example: i want to make a cartoonish looking smoke cloud effect like a smoke grenade? How do i do that?

  2. How to create a decent looking desert terrain? is it possible to make it look like the desert in Mad Max game?

  3. I have a weapon with raycast, How do i make the damage of the shot change depending on the distance between the end of the gun and the target?

For example : if I’m close to the target then the damage will increase and if I’m far from the target the damage will decrease.

  1. How to make a Friendly AI sniper that i can assign targets for him to shoot at by clicking on an enemy AI? and also how to make a visible line from the Sniper’s gun to the target?

  2. How can I animate UI elements such as buttons or animating transitions between scenes?

Hey @joker71, this tutorial is a great start to you first question about a cartoon style cloud effect. Take a look! Unity Shuriken Toon Explosion FX Tutorial 1/3 - YouTube