Animation affects only collider, not the object

I upgraded to Unity 5 and suddenly a triggered animation that used to work doesn’t work any more. I have a trigger and a door. Door is a block with cube collider. There is an animation called “DoorDown” attached to door object, and once a trigger is triggered, it sends


and door should lower into the floor. What’s weird is that when I play everything from Animation window, it works. When it’s triggered by a script during gameplay, only the collider lowers down, and mash remains. A player can pass through the solid door, so it works for gameplay, but visualy it’s ridiculous. Any ideas what this could be?

Am I missing something?

Found the solution. It appears that static objects can no longer be moved via script or animation. That’s new with Unity 5. This block was marked as static since I needed it for level baking.