Animation Aiming Layer direction

Hey guys,
I am stuck on this issue, I have two layers in the Animator; one for movement and one for gun aiming. The movement layer alone works intended. However when I add the layer with the aiming animation, it seems to not by in the correct direction. The Aiming layer has a mask which only changes the upper body:

  1. if the Ground (?) portion of the Avatar Mask is not select then the aiming animation will aim 45 degrees to the right.
  2. if the Ground portion of the Avatar Mask is selected then the aiming animation is aiming the proper way but the walking animation is 45 degrees to the right. Changing the Root Transform Rotation seems to only rotate the entire character with the aiming difference in tact.

Both of these gifs are trying to walking directly upwards, and I am using Root Motion for the walking

Here is the Pistol Animation Settings:

Probably this: