Animation always changing object position

I have a humanoid and I have added some animations made in Mixamo to it. I have made also a parent object that contains the Body with its animator attached so that I will use the relative position to its parent.
However, I have some animations that occur when the humanoid is sit and also a sitting animation. I get that the humanoid instead of sitting down, it goes up and actually sits on the air. So I changed the sitting animations to modify Y on the humanoid Body so it will go down to y = -3.5f. It actually works smoothly inside the animations tab but when I run it, even though it changes its position to -3.5f after it begins to increase weirdly and in a few seconds my character is no longer sit but again in the air and to the infinite. What can I be? Here is a video that I made of my issue. Animation always changing object position - YouTube

alt text

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Hey there, I may be able to help.

I would first recommend removing the -3.5f you added to the animation. Then,

1.) In the project tab, click on the sitting animation you downloaded.

2.)Then in the inspector click on the Animation button.

3.) Click the option under “Root Transform Position (Y)” that says “Bake Into Pose”. This should prevent your character’s Y position from drifting around.