animation and sound on collide

I am trying to open a door with its sound when the player (first person controller) enters a box collider.
I have a door object with a large box collider, with “is trigger” checked.
I have a simple animation called “door_animation_1”, created in Unity with Wrap mode set to Once, and attached to the door object.
I have a sound called “door_open” attached to the door object, with all the checks unchecked (no mute, no bypass, no play on awake, no loop).

I have a script attached to the door object, to play the door animation, with the following code:

var myAnimation : AnimationClip;
function OnTriggerEnter(other : Collider){
    animation.clip = myAnimation;

and a second script to play the sound, always attached to the door object, with the following code:

var myClip : AudioClip;
function OnTriggerEnter(other : Collider){
     audio.clip = myClip;

Of course in the door object properties the play animation script properties have the “My Animation” variable set to “door_animation_1”, and the play audio script properties have the “My Clip” variable set to “door_open”.

When the player (FPC) enters the box collider, the door opens and disappears, and no audio plays.

Can anyone figure out what my mistakes are and how can I solve this simple task?
Thank you!

Hi, AudioClips are referenced and used by AudioSources to play sounds. To use the sound must define AudioSource.