Animation 'Bake into pose' option is unavailable

My model is rotating on all axises while it moves and to fix this I need to bake it into its pose but the options for this in the animation import settings seem to be unavailable. Below is what my animation import settings look like, the bake into pose options should be here! Please Help79901-screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-95526-pm.png

Did you ever find the answer to this?

I don’t work with animations a lot, so each time I do, I have to play around to figure some stuff out, but doesn’t this have to do with your rig… i.e. ensure your rig for whatever you’re animating is set to Humanoid (possibly generic may work too) in Unity? I’ll check later though if you don’t confirm that is it. Make sure everything is set up in the rig tab, anyway.

Your Rig type must be set to ‘Humanoid’