Animation begins at start of Gameplay before colliding with trigger

I have set up an animation which is supposed to start when colliding with a gameobject. However, this animation occurs at the start of gameplay. The animation is supposed to occur when colliding with gameobject, and stop when exiting the gameobject. The animation starts at beginning of gameplay, then when i collide it continues. Then when I exit the object it stops as it should. However, I do not want it to start at the beginning of gameplay.
Below is an image of my Animator.

I have then linked an image of the code which shows that when entering the gameobject, the animation plays. And when exit the animation stops.

You need to specify collidable object tag and only play that animatiin if collided with that tag trigger

Okay now when I play the lights are active at gameplay, then when the first time I collide with the trigger the animation occurs, then when I exit the trigger the lights turn off and the animation stops(which is what I wanted), but then when I collide a second time the lights still turn on but the animation stops. How do I get the animation to repeat?