animation blending with only 1 animation

i made a character with a running animation, and i want to make it blend but i don’t have an idle animation and the program im using goes all screwy and only allows me to have 1 animation with the model and then all other animations have to be save in some weird format that unity can’t import. so does anyone know how i can make it smoothly return to the first frame of the animation? or if that’s not possible how to just skip back to the first frame? because last time i tried to code animation it would stop partway through and then restart the animation when i started running again.

After you import your model, in your import setting, go to Animations and add an animation to rename the animation clip. You can also set the animation to loop; that might solve your problem.

you can duplicate the animation by selecting it in the project explorer and hitting Ctrl+D this new animation can be renamed to something else, and should also become mutable (meaning you can change it, add animation events etc in the animation window).

Also I don’t see why spaces would cause you problems when trying to trigger the animation, since all animations can be referred to by a string name, and strings allow spaces obviously. But perhaps there’s another limiting part of the animation object that I’ve just not noticed before that stops that.