Animation cannot be disabled.

I would very pleased to get assistance on what I’m doing wrong here:

#pragma strict

var HUDDIS : Transform;
var NOPASSIS : Transform;
var CAMMIS : Transform;
var CAMMIMATION : Transform;

function Start () {


function Update () {



function UpdatePETS () {
       = false;
       = false;
                CAMMIS.GetComponent(CameraSwitcher).enabled = false;
                CAMMIMATION.GetComponent(Animation).enabled = false;
        } else {
       = true;
       = true;
                CAMMIS.GetComponent(CameraSwitcher).enabled = true;
                CAMMIMATION.GetComponent(Animation).enabled = true;
                Destroy (this);

The animaton component “(Animation)” refuses to be disabled when I’m pressing “E”. What am I doing wrong? It is a stock animation component btw, does it therefore have an entirely different definition?

Is “Animation” is your own script? If so, then change its name into “StartAnimation” or something like that, and then you do this:

var cammiAnimation = CAMMIMATION.GetComponent(Animation);
cammiAnimation.enable = true;

I think that will be fine.