Animation Child Behaviour

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In first person shooters, I would think that, in order to implement multiple weapons, one would just activate and deactivate multiple GameObjects, one for each weapon. But I don’t think one would make animations for all weapons. So I was wondering if I could develop the animations for the character mesh and then make all the weapons children of the character’s hand. I was wondering if the weapons would then follow the character’s hand while the animation played.

Put simply, do children of a GameObject follow the GameObject while the GameObject is being moved by an animation?

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Yes they certainly do! Your biggest problem will be ensuring that the animation doesn’t cause the weapon to intersect with the body of the character’s mesh.

I usually add an empty game object to the rig of my character (mixamo rig in my case) and call it “carry”. Really though, you do have to watch those animations, it isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.