Animation Clip is not retargetable ?

So I create a door animation which are open and close, then add to “the door” object with the script “open/close door”. But after that i get an error says that “Animation clip ‘Close/Open Door’ is not retargetable. Animation clips used within the Animator Controller need to have Muscle Definition set up in the Asset Importer Inspector”. How can I fix this, it doesn’t affect the animation in-game, but I don’t want it to pop up anymore.

I think retargetable animations only work with humanoid rigs. Change the animation type to “Humanoid” in the rig settings in the importer. If you see an Avatar drag it into the animation controller.

I solved the problem by removing the .controller files from the project. They are automatically created when you create an animation with the Animation window.
But .controller files are for Animator Components, so you don’t need them when using (legacy, but still a lot easier for a simple animation) Animation Component.