Animation Clip isn't displaying Image Material Properties, as it does with SpriteRenderer

Trying to animate my image’s material properties, as I did for one of my spriteRenderer’s identical materials, but the material’s properties aren’t available for adding - only the Material is selectable.

Image Material - Unaccessible Material Properties


SpriteRenderer Material - Accessible Material Properties (Desired for Image)


Is there anyway to add the Image’s material properties to the animation clip, in the same way as with the SpriteRenderer’s material? Would rather not create the animation via script.

Need to access material in order to make the sprite fade out (via opacity reduction), utilizing canvas group / sprite alpha - no longer applies itself due to the shader’s influence. The other option is to use a spriteRenderer component instead, unfortunately need the Filled Image Type that only the Image Component provides. My current solution is to utilize the latter, and create a spriteMask, to semi-mimic the Image fill affect, but it’s not great.

Any help is very much appreciated!

Although I explicitly stated I’d rather not create the animation by script, with no other solution at hand, decided to integrate a hybrid. Utilized unity Animation, and at the end of the Animation called on a Animation Event, in the form of a Coroutine, to smoothly handle tweaking the inaccessible Material’s properties.