Animation 'Conditions' not working as I expect

Using Animations for the first time, trying to animate my UI Buttons. Two basic states, 1.buttons onscreen, 2.buttons offscreen. and 2 ‘transition’ states. here is my state machine :


two transitions are triggered with ‘exit time’ conditions (circled in red), and two are triggered with a bool, “ButtonsOnscreen”, circled in blue, offscreen transitions to entrance on true, onscreen transitions to exit on false.

I want the buttons to ‘float’ on and off screen, ‘float on’ works, but ‘float off’ does a sort of spotty teleport instead. but if I change the [onscreen → exit] transition from bool to ‘exit time’, the transitions all work beautifully (endlessly floating on and off),

Essense of my question : if all I change is the ‘transition condition’, it breaks the exit animation. Any insight into where my understanding is incorrect appreciated. I thought transitions with multiple conditions would trigger on any of the conditions (i.e. a OR b, not… a AND b), and suggestions on how to achieve my goal as well, I think my animation clips are correct (i’m even reversing “entrance” to achieve “exit” animation), so i think i’m doing transitions wrong.

Edit: I’m not yet using code to set off triggers, just manually changing the parameter value inside the animator as the game runs.

nurikabe is correct, multiple condition is an AND.

I will do what you want to do in two or three state.

two state:
showBtn animation and hideBtn animation, controlled by a bool parameter called isShow. make transitions between these two states with setting the isShow true/false. then, click on the showBtn and hideBtn animation files in the project and set the loop options in the inspector to be false to avoid looping if anination. The problems of this method is at the begining the button will play the showBtn animation once (assume you set it to be the default state).

three states:
basically the same as two states but add an additional default state to avoid the problem of two states mentioned above.

I’m answering my own question. My setup was not incorrect, for some reason, while testing my game inside unity, my animations are choppy (for one state only) until the “Parameters” panel in the Animator window is ‘connected’, then everything runs lovely and smoothly.