Animation: confounding frame loss

Some time ago, I had imported a looping animation into unity from Maya. Initially, it was looping the entire 128 frames correctly. Now, no matter how many times I rebind my mesh, export as .fbx and import (with all frames intact), start new unity projects/scenes, or revert to older animations... Unity seems to be cutting out frames.

I've got the anim set to loop frames 1 to 128, but when it plays it cuts out about 30 or so. When I set the end frame to around 170 it's nearly there but still hiccups when replaying the animation. Additionally, some parts of the skeleton are not animating at all.

Any idea how this could happen? All of the frames and animations are working in maya and even if I export and then import as an .fbx, and I swear the very same .mb's were working in unity at some point.

Thanks in advance

Do you have animation compression enabled in your import options? That can cut out and interpolate keyframes, and could in some rare circumstances create unwanted effects.

There's also a bug in Unity (that I think is still not fixed) where the last frame of an animation isn't played, but I've never heard of 30 frames not being played.

I guess that you have changed frame-rate in Maya or updated Maya or FBX exporter at some point. There is a bug in Unity 3.0/3.1 - it doesn't import frame-rate correctly from FBX 2011 plugins. It is fixed in Unity 3.2. With 3.0/3.1 you basically have to use 30FPS in Maya, because that is what Unity always detects (incorrectly).

Some parts not animating sounds like a separate problem. You're not using Unity 2.6, are you?

Hi Guys, I've run into the same bug with Unity 3.3. I've tried importing FBX files (both 2010 and 2011 FBX versions coming out of Maya 2011) and when Unity maps the animation on automatically it gets the frame count for the loops wrong. The only way I've found to get it working is to go in and set up the frame ranges for the animations manually. I'm hoping to see a fix as this is going to slow down our pipeline a bit.