Animation copy

So hi there, currently working on mobile-game (indie game) of my own,
doing it solo(!) hehe,
now, I’ve got a problem, when I create a new scene, I attach a prefab for it, (All I need to change each scene I create is the background, the character and the animations after I add the prefab).
so I got 3 objects that needs to move a diffrent way each scene, but when I change the animation(s),
it’s completly changes that animation on the diffrent scene as well, exp: I change to X of an object to move from 100 to 200 in level 7, but when I apply it, it applys to level 6 as well.
Now, what I tried to do is to go to my unity project in my files explorer, copy and paste to another folder the animations data (copy from level 7 animations files to level 8 animations file), and then I just delete from the object his animator, and apply the new animator I copied, then changed the X value to something else,
then I checked on the other scene, it still changed the X value on the other scene as well…
It’s really hard work to create new animator + animations every time I want to create a new level…
Could you give me some advice please? :slight_smile:
Would really appreciate it (!),

Guys, I probably didn’t explain myself well,
I got 3 objects, (5 objects in level 50+ but NVM for now), they need to move a certain way,
It needs to move a certain way for example the first object from the left need to move -20 in Z, then after that move 5 in X, and then back 20 in Z.
I use animation to do that, and I add some valus as well, like after the Z moved back 20, I added that “Object’s ready” bool in animator set to true for example.
Now, my question is, how can I copy it (the animations), to another scene without changing the original one? for example: I need in level 7 for it to move -25 Z then 10 X then 25 Z, but how can I change the animation so it stays 20 Z in level 6? Can I prefab the animations? Prefab the objects themself?
'cause what I tried to do is to copy the animations+animator data, changed it’s name, put it in another folder but still, what ever I do in animation level 7 affects level 6.
Please, I hope you can help me ASAP I wish to publish my game already, and trust me, It’d be sooo much faster&easier with a method that I can copy animation instead of creating animator X 3 + animations X3 for each object(!) (18 things to do) every level I create that’s insanely slow and hard work.
Thanks for your help
I REALLY appreciate it! :slight_smile:
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