Animation cuts unity performance significantly

Does anybody know how to optimize my performance? When I spawn about 30 characters with 16 bones each, my fps is okay, but once I turn on their animators I get 1-12 fps. Is this normal or did i do something wrong? Polys are also low, models were created in c4d

You can try playing each animation on its own to see if any of them is the major cause of the performance loss.

If none of them have a problem, check for optimization, you said that their poly count is low but double check it because that can be the cause of the problem too.

If the problem persists and you can give us more information about what is happening we can help with more detail.

Open up the Profiler window to know what causes this specific issue:

Sorry I’m not sure if the animator is the issue anymore, I’m still taking some time to test out different things. Before I slept yesterday I was sure that when I removed/disable animator it was very smooth, also tried making them all ragdoll where they only copy from one animator, the fps was still okay. But after I woke up, it went the other way around. I now also take into account the projectiles that are used. Will update soon ^^ thanks

Hehe… turns out, when I plug out my laptop, the fps changes, I also optimized my projectile script since its physics are calculated via script (I use spherical world). Thanks for the help, always!